about us

Our company claims more than25 years in lounges and sofas market, from creating and selling

For vega salotti, quality 'and prestige means the technically correct way, by product design to its final destination. The items are checked in every single step: design, structure, selection of tussues and polyurethanes only made in italy, the tissue cutting, sewing, coating, and test control, duration of warranty, service of bed, packaging, transportation program ... With “a zero defaults” program whom inside and outside staff are trained.

Particular attention it’s get to the sale, the advertising message, the customer service.

Our product is the result of years of experience and passion shared by our staff. The company always prefer and chose high quality materials ; particular attention is devoted to tissues: luxurious, original, versatile and practical at the same time, that together with renewed trimmings, make of our sofa a high class talian product